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10 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 1
USU Regional Campus Pizza Week is upon us! Come into the USU Orem main office before class to pick up a slice or two! (Offer available: 10/26-10/30, For Registered USU Orem students only)
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18 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 0
Are you graduating this semester? Please complete this short survey to aid us in making sure that you are on our graduation list for the semester. *This is for FALL 2015 Graduates ONLY! We will be sending another survey out for Spring/Summer graduates later. Thank you!
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21 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 0
Utah State University - Orem shared Poll Sound's post.
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28 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 1
Happy World Teacher Day!!
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32 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 0
We are hiring an Evening Tech Coordinator Senior at the USU Salt Lake Center. This position supervises the facilitators, supports IVC classes, tackels tech issues, and oversees campus operations in the evenings. Please share this information with anyone who may be interested. Here is a link to a more detailed description: Thank you,

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